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Betty Snyder                 Bill Buckley,RachelGaliley             Bill Buckley

Bill Buckley II        bill&jim Buckley           Marie,rachel,mary,judy     Dave Buckley
                              jerry&Joe Galiley

Don's Kids                   Don Buckley Family              EasterEgg Hunt

Gordon,Pa         G Springer              Jim and SPot 50's               Jim,Tim,Bill Buckley

   Jim & Tom Buckley                   Jim Buckely 60's        Jim Buckley 58      Jim Buckley 60's

Jim 60's                             jim 50's                          Jim 50's

  Jim B's 46 Ply                 Joe Galiley,Judy Galiley      Kathy Buckley(don,ruby's Daughter

 Ken Buckley            Louise,Bill Buckley                Louise,Stanley Galiley

JOE Galiley                     Joe Galiley                      Marie A Buckley

Marie Buckley      Mary,Betty,Earl Snyder    Mill St parade 1963

Paul Galiley                          Rachel G&Michelle         Rachel G & Bill B

  Stanley Snyder                               Stanley Snyder             Tom Buckley

Who Knows?                                    WHO                KNOWS?

                               Ed & Ethel(lewis) Buckley & children
Rachel Snyder Galiley 1917 8th grade graduation
Mabel Fetterman   Jerry Beaver, Matilda Kostenbaucher, Rachel Snyder, Miss Mary Daily, Emma Frank