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Montour County Memorial Park Committee
Montour County Veterans Affairs Office
114 Woodbine Lane, Suite 105
Danville, PA 17821


To: The Veteran and Citizens of Montour County

The War Memorial Monuments at the Montour County Memorial Park have fallen victims to the ravages of climate and increasing air pollution. Because of this, the Montour County Commissioners, The Borough of Danville, the Montour County Veterans, and many citizens who have relatives and kin inscribed on the monuments, have formed the Montour County Memorial Park Committee in order to restore the monuments and to provide for their subsequent care. Like many things these days, effort is not enough; professional care and expertise for rehabilitation are required. This means money.

Our hope in that individual contributions will carry the day. Some federal and state grants are available and may be sought. Right now, however, we are pinning our efforts, and hope to rely on, individuals and businesses within Montour County and surrounding communities. We also hope that each individual or business will find the wherewithal to contribute whatever they can, no matter how big or small, no matter if it is collective or personal.

The first goal is to find about $30,000 so that work and cleaning may begin as soon as possible; more perhaps, later on, to continue the work in perpetuity. First we must salvage these precious artifacts before the damage gets beyond all control. If funds are available after the main repairs are done, Revolutionary War and Persian Gulf War monuments might be added. There is a popular demand to do so.

Our first recommendation is that you visit the park. Many of you will find there are friends, neighbors, and relatives inscribed on those tablets. When you do visit the park, please note the Civil War Monument. It is indeed the most in need of repair. Other monuments need lesser repair according to their age and exposure. Sad, but true, there are signs of desecration that should be remedied. The Borough of Danville has done an exceptional job in keeping the grounds on which the monuments stand, and this should add to the pleasure of your trip.

Your donation will be gratefully accepted. It can be mailed to the Veterans Affairs Office using the address above. A special account has been established and you may send donations directly to:

The Montour County Veterans Memorial Fund
Memorial Restoration Fund
FNB Bank, N.A  Acct. No.2912-14523
P.O. Box 275
Danville, PA 17821

If you use the bank, a teller will take your donation, but please be sure the exact account number is evident.

The Montour County Commissioners, the Borough of Danville, and the veterans and friends of the Montour County Memorial Park Committee thank you for your attention in this matter. This is a large part of our county's heritage. We need your help and hope you will not forget us.

Thank you.

Joseph McGlinn
President of MCMPC and
Montour County Veterans Affairs Officer

VISITORS since 4-22-01